We came across a piece of news about an American woman rescuing stray dogs in India and we just can’t help sharing the beautiful story with you. It is indeed very inspirational to learn about people who go out of their way to help someone totally unrelated to them. We feel the utmost awe for the lady who shelled out a generous sum so that she could give some stray dogs a better life.

This IT professional came to India for a project and went back home with 6 of our little desi doggies who would otherwise have been leading the precarious life of a stray. She not only took notice of these homeless animals, but also took the pains to fly them with her to Minnesota, US.

Heather Bruhn-Worm, the rescue-woman is an animal aficionado and actively volunteers for many animal rescue organizations, besides being an Information Technology specialist with van Wagenen Financial Services. The 40-year old lady formed a relationship with a bitch and her litter near her office compound by feeding them every day, and when the term of her stay ended, she just didn’t have the heart to leave the innocent creatures to fend for themselves – she had to find a way to help them! Therefore, she transported them to Minnesota and found safe shelters for them from where they would soon be adopted by individuals seeking pets.

In the same way, with the help of her connections in animal welfare societies, now she has also arranged for 21 more dogs to be flown from India and sheltered in animal homes until they find pet-parents.

We say, what a spirit! If she can, we can too. After all, humanity is contagious – the more you practice it, the more it spreads to others around you. So let the plight of street dogs move you, give in to feelings of compassion, and extend a hand to help someone who needs you!