When stray pup Luna’s luck runs out in Mexico, an angel comes to her rescue.


There are so many stray dogs roaming the streets unloved and forgotten by everyone.

Luna was just one of many dogs facing an uncertain fate in the tourist outskirt town of Bonfil, Mexico. But unlike a majority of the strays, Luna’s luck held out and she was spotted by Tracey Buyce, who was on a volunteer assignment for CANDi (Cats & Dogs International), as their official photographer earlier this year.


The very first morning of the six day clinic in Mexico, Tracey set out to document the hundreds, if not thousands of street dogs in the area.  It was here, in a working class neighbourhood in Bonfil, that Tracey spotted the sweet and gentle dog she would later name Luna. Luna was in someone’s backyard, emaciated, neglected and clearly in desperate need of medical attention.  “The first time I saw Luna my heart stopped and broke into a million pieces.  I knew I was not leaving without her” – Tracey stated to Woof! magazine in an exclusive interview.

Something in her heart told Tracey that she had to rescue the dog. It was with sheer determination that Tracey was able to get the owner to reluctantly relinquish the dog, so she could get her treated. Back at the clinic, a volunteer vet diagnosed Luna with starvation and cancer and told Tracey that Luna would have died within one week if she hadn’t brought her in. Luna underwent treatment and chemotherapy in Mexico with local humane partners, while Tracey returned back home to America.


Back in Saratoga Springs, Tracey did not give up on Luna and continued to fight for her. Every hour Tracey was away from Luna, she spent fundraising for her treatment and spreading the word about Luna’s cause and CANDi International through social media. She also reached out to humane partner Hector Navarro in Mexico to foster Luna during her treatment. With Hector and his wife Carla’s unconditional love, compassion and nurturing, Luna returned to full health quickly, becoming completely unrecognisable from the skeletal dog she was only months before. Luckily, her cancer was treatable and the chemotherapy had worked its magic.
Tracey was soon able to find a dream home for Luna too, right in her own neighbourhood with a friend and mom of three – Jenny Witte through Facebook. She was contacted almost immediately by Jenny, founder of Mamatoga, a parenting website, wanting to adopt her! Eventually, Hector flew Luna back to Saratoga Springs, NY to reunite Tracey and her new family in a joyful homecoming that was covered by the local news. When Woof! asked Tracey how this experience impacted her she said, “Luna truly touched my heart and taught me about compassion, cruelty, love, hard work, and taking action for a cause.”

Lovely Luna!

Lovely Luna!

Get in touch with Luna on her very own Facebook page at:

CANDi is a nonprofit organization in both the US and Canada whose mission is to save the lives of stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean through spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs, supported and funded by the tourism industry, travellers and pet lovers

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