“Aenna was a birthday gift from my dad on my birthday back in 2011. I still remember how the note said, ‘Love from Dad’ and how excited my brother and I were to meet this newest arrival in our family. It has been over 6 years and I can say that she has been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.¬†

Aenna – the Dalmatian puppy

We named her Aenna, which in Greek, means “grace”, and is a completely defining word for this angel in our lives. We took her to the mandir for blessings for her upcoming life and at first, the panditji didn’t let her enter the mandir, but then his heart melted by the innocence and we even did some “chadhava” through her tiny hands.
She was so tiny when she arrived that we fed her milk with an eyedropper tool. She spent most of her time on our laps and hid beneath the bed that scared us all! Those were the most memorable days of her childhood. I’m so grateful to have Aenna by my side and look how beautiful she has grown up to be!”
Sagarika Tiwari