“I’m a proud mommy of Amigo, Tequila and Bunny. Amigo and Tequila are my two Dashchunds and I recently rescued Bunny, a desi puppy, who’s named so because he has the cutest bunny-shaped ears.

Amigo and Tequila came into my life after our 10-year-old Daschund passed away and left a huge void. Heartbroken, I found these two through a family in Bikaner who had a litter and were looking to give away the puppies. So we got them all the way from Bikaner when they were just two-months-old. These two have been with us since nine years and are the most loved creatures in the house. We’ve travelled everywhere together. And at times when I have to travel alone, I can’t wait to come back to them. I think I don’t even miss my parents or my sisters as much as I miss these two.

I recently rescued Bunny, a stray puppy I found in the middle of the street while I was on my way back home. The first thing that struck me about Bunny was his bunny-like ears. She looked dazed and confused in the middle of a busy street.

Concerned for her safety, I stopped the car and picked her up. I immediately began searching nearby for her family, who were nowhere to be found. So I took her back home, gave her a bath, fed her and cared for her. She was extremely terrified the first few days and it took a while to gain her trust. I had plans to get Bunny adopted because Amigo and Tequila were going crazy seeing a third dog in the house. Adoption didn’t work, and as time went by, everyone got so attached to Bunny that we decided to raise her against all odds. We’re still trying to get all the three dogs adjusted in the house. It will take time but I’m hopeful that with the right training, we’ll get there.

The three of them have such different personalities that it’s absolutely delightful and everyday is full of interesting events. Amigo is the instrumental ‘Ustaad’ of the house. He has this funny ritual where he acts as if he’s playing Tabla by tossing his bowl here and there after he’s eaten. Tequila, on the other hand, is the singer of the house. Whenever Tequila hears a ringtone, he will start howling in the same tune, which is quite a musical comedy! I’m blessed to have these three in my life and all I can say is that – Life is Good because I have Amigo, Tequila and Bunny by my side :)”.

— Devika Bakshi