We have heard that friendship and bonding are the most treasured gifts in life but hardly did we know that a friendship of a dog could save a baby elephant’s life. While in our day-to-day busy schedule we forget reaching out to our loved ones and take them for granted, these animals have shown us that a little bit of love and company can actually bring someone back to loving life. 



So here was this baby elephant Ellie in South Africa, gradually fading away in the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage. Though it was getting fed and medicated regularly, its health was readily failing. At only few weeks old, this little baby was abandoned by his herd with the lack of companionship, he started losing weight and health started failing rapidly. Elephants being herd animals, need constant companionship and the lack of it affects them miserably. This is exactly that was happening to Little Ellie. 

That’s when Ellie’s saviour Duma arrived. Duma, a former service and sniffer dog came around and started bonding with Ellie. The two quickly became friends and started playing everyday, digging huge sandpile together. 



“What was a really interesting thing was the elephant calf was here. He was particularly weak, particularly ill. He wasn’t showing much interest in doing anything. He was very lethargic, very disinterested. We introduced Duma and the elephant at the sand pile and it immediately cheered the elephant up… He suddenly started getting a little bit of interest in life again,” said Karen Trendler, a rehabilitation and crisis response specialist at the center.

Surprisingly, dogs and elephants share a very different set of instincts and behaviour and in this case, both were able to transcend the difference and created such a strong bond that Ellie started loving life a bit more than before. Thanks to Duma, Ellie’s health has steadily improved and the team at the orphanage is already conditioning him to return to his herd or another elephant refuge some day. 

Sometimes stories like these make me wonder about how we humans completely underestimate the power of reaching out and bonding. Someday stories like these will happen in our lives and the faith in the power of  bonding and friendship will be restored. 🙂

Watch this amazing story video here 🙂


By: Priyanka Lahiri Sen 








Story Source: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/