5 Worst Foods for your Dog


five worst foods for your dogYour dog might look at you with those loving eyes, and the innocence might compel you to feed him off the table, but please beware that your dog cannot eat everything. Here is a list of food stuffs that are extremely poisonous and can be fatal to your pooch:

1. Chocolates: You might have a sweet tooth and love indulging in chocolates especially around the festive season. Make sure that all the chocolates and sweets are far from your dog’s reach. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which is very harmful to your dog. It causes panting, arrhythmia, vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Raisins: Although this may be a small nibble for kids between snack times, never feed your dog grapes or raisins. For the dog’s body, grapes/raisins contain a toxic so strong that it can cause severe liver damage and kidney failure. The effects of feeding raisins is cumulative, so even if you think of feeding him/her just one raisin per day, the toxin builds into the system which eventually leads to death.

3. Onions and Garlic: These two ingredients are present in every Indian meal cooked, so please beware not to feed these to your pup. The onions contain a chemical that once ingested harm the red blood cells, thereby making it difficult for your dog to breathe, and even cause anemia. A very energetic and regularly exercised dog will suddenly fall ill and the cumulative toxin will take its toll.

4. Uncooked meat/eggs: Uncooked meat and eggs cause a lot of stomach problems the least severe being flatulence. Uncooked meat is host to various number of parasites and once ingested create multiple issues for your dog. Chances of your dog’s stomach turning and twisting are very high and will have to be immediately rushed to the nearest vet to be treated.

5. Bones: Every dog loves bones, and it seems heart breaking not to give them the one thing they love. But bones are very fatal as once swallowed they can scrape the internal lining of the dog’s stomach and digestive tract. The bones easily splinter and can tear any tissues including while being excreted. Opt for the chewsticks and chewables amongst the dog products that are available.

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