bored dogDog Boredom is not as small a problem as it sounds. If not taken care of in time, it can cause your pooch to behave awkwardly, get destructive and at times even fall sick. We recommend these five easy ways to treat dog boredom and to ensure that your little one is a happy dog who is loved by everyone:

  1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: There’s nothing like exercise for a healthy mind, body and soul. Take your pooch for running, walk him for at least 30 minutes every day, play games which involve a lot of activity and you won’t have to worry about his good health anymore (leave alone boredom.) A good amount of exercise will also ensure that the dog gets a sound sleep.                       
  2. Robust, Interesting Toys: Just like small kids, dogs too need toys which suit their needs and keep them entertained. The importance of getting dog toys is that a dog is likely to spend more time and energy chewing

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them as compared to other soft toys. However, whenever you get a new toy for your pooch, make sure you supervise him so that nothing goes wrong.

3. Socialize Your Dog: Introducing your furry pal to other dogs and his playing games with them are great ways to treat dog boredom. You can take your dog to dog parks and pet events or plan a get together with your friends who have pets. One thing to be sure of is that whoever your dog interacts with should be fully vaccinated.

4. Teach Your Dog Tricks: Keep boredom at bay as you teach your dog how to sit, shake hands, roll over and search for various things in the house. This exercise will not only keep your dog active and busy but also help build a healthy relationship between you and him.

5.Healthy Diet: Last but not the least; be careful of what you feed your dog. His diet should be a healthy and balanced one with a lot of water intake daily. When you take him out for walks, try to save him from eating any waste food or dirt from the roads. A clean and nutritious diet helps a great deal in behavioral problems that may arise from boredom.

If there are any more tips you would like to share as pet parents, we are all ears! 🙂

– by Ragini Mehra