The monsoon is here, with cool mornings (only made better by hot cups of tea), pleasant breezes and showers to wash away the heat of the summer. During these chilly mornings and nights, the snuggle-appeal of your furry pet rises phenomenally.

Besides these pleasant occasions, something else creeps your way in the wet season. They’re clever, they’re many-legged and the mention of them will probably give you paranoid goosebumps – ticks! These mites thrive in humid weather and are very likely to hitch a ride on your pet any chance they get.

Read on, to learn the few things that you can do to keep these pesky pests away from your pooch!

Watchful on Walks: Your pet is most likely to pick up ticks on walks or while he is playing outside. This is why you should chart out your walk route carefully. Ticks are more likely to be found in grassy areas, amongst weeds and near piles of leaves. Steer your pet away from these areas.

Check your Ticks at the Door: Make a small area at the entrance of your home for post-walk rituals. In the monsoons, this should include wiping your dog’s paws clean of mud, drying off any dampness from their fur with a clean dry towel and a quick but thorough brushing of their coat. This way, anything that they might have picked up is shown the door immediately.

Regular Tick Checks: Ticks have favourite spots on pets where they like to hide. These spots include in the paws (between the paw pads and toes), on the tail, behind the ears. For dogs with long coats, this could even be the belly (where they are hidden by long fur).

Preventive Grooms: In the monsoon, it can be difficult to find a day that is sunny enough to give your pet a bath. You should consider taking your pet to a reputed groomer instead. Besides using anti-tick and flea shampoo, they will also do a thorough tick search. And those special dryers will have them dry in no time!

Anti-Tick Shields: One of the most effective ways of keeping ticks off your dog is to apply an anti-tick spot on liquid. These are available based on a prescription from your vet, so do check with yours to see if it is possible to use these on your dog. Natural Tick Sprays are also available here.

Keeping your pet safe in the monsoon does not have to be a full-blown operation that’s difficult to keep up with. All you have to do is take a few careful precautions. You can also consider investing in some rainy season accessories like dog raincoats and shoes to ensure that your pet is sudden-shower ready.