Puppies are eager to chew on whatever comes across their way when they are teething. So while you should understand that it’s not really their fault, you should also be firm enough to stop them when needed. Encourage them to chew on objects you hand over to them and not your hand, the furniture, your footwear and so on.


Here are some tried and tested ways to stop puppy biting:


  1. Make him feel that his biting hurts you: Whenever your pup tries to bite you, make him realize that he has hurt you with a loud cry and then ignore him for some time. This will make him relate biting to his playmate leaving him alone. On the other hand, if he licks you or tries to apologize, acknowledge it and offer him a treat.
  2. Get him sufficient chew toys and games: There are many bones and toys designed especially for young puppies teething. Offer your pooch one of those toys when he tries to bite your hand. Encourage other games that do not involve your puppy trying to catch hold of your fingers, toes or hands. Playing tug-of-war and fetch are two such examples.
  3. Socialize your dog: Once your puppy’s vaccinations are complete, arrange play dates for him with other vaccinated puppies and dogs. Regular interaction with other dogs will make yours used to playing and enjoying without craving to bite anything new he comes across.
  4. Give him enough exercise: As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog. Always! Take your pup for regular walks and jogs once he is vaccinated. Till the time his vaccination is in progress, you must schedule at least an hour’s playtime with him daily. Something as simple as you running around with his tug-of-war toy will not only satisfy his urge to bite as he tries to pull it but will also burn his excess energy.
  5. Be patient and consistent with your training: Dogs might need a couple of training sessions before they can understand the difference between right and wrong. Stick to the same rules throughout and constantly reinforce them. This will also require all your family members to follow the same training rules as you otherwise the pup might get confused and will not be able to follow anything.



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