1. Dogs Can Smell Our Diseases: It’s been speculated over the years, but there have been many cases where diseases like Cancer in the Lung, pancreas and breast have been pre diagnosed by the dog in the house. It is believed that dogs can sense the growth of abnormal cells in the human body and realize the impending disease the owner is inflicted with even before it’s diagnosed by doctors. Some dogs are even trained to assist diabetic patients to caution them when their sugar levels drops or when it’s time for the next dose of insulin

2. Dogs Are Hotter Than Us….Literally: The normal temperature of a healthy dog ranges from 101˚F to 103˚F. So sometimes if you touch your doggie’s forehead and wonder if he is running a temperature just because he is hotter than you, remember it’s their general body temp.

13. Thunderstorms Hurt: You must have noticed how your dog hates the thunder and behaves as though he is scared of it. Well he actually isn’t. Dogs generally have a higher decibel reception as compared to ours so the thunder noise that we hear is just a fraction of what their receptors receive and this noise causes their ears to hurt. Dogs with pointed and open ears are much more susceptible to this pain as compared to dogs with flap ear covers. So during the next thunderstorm, sit beside your dog comfort him and make him feel that everything is all right. Keep him/her entertained with dog toys!

Source: www.personal.psu.edu

Source: www.personal.psu.edu

4. Killer Chocolate: Every time you eat a chocolate and your mutt approaches you with those innocent looking eyes that make you think “One Chocolate, what’s the harm” please think again. Chocolates contain a chemical known as “Theobroine” which in the doggie world is the equivalent of cyanide. Small doses of this chemical in proportion to your dog’s weight not only poison your dog but also affect his central nervous system. Feed your pet doggie treats to ensure he/she is safe from harmful ingredients.

5. Ritual Before Sleeping: Dogs have this instinctive behaviour to walk in a circle before lying down, ever wondered why? Primitively, before dogs became pets, prior to lying down they had to flatten the grass and level it. This gave them a smoothened surface to rest and over the years in spite of being domesticated this behaviour still continues. Do ensure your pet has a comfortable bed to sleep in!