1. Carrots: As much as it would astonish you dogs love crunch veggies, especially carrots. Rich in carotene, vitamin A and roughage, carrots aid in digestion and give your pet good healthy teeth as well. You can either give them raw carrots as a snack or even mix it in their dog food. Ingestion of Carrots is known to improve dog’s eyesight as well reduce the risk of Cancer. So feed your pooch a carrot a day and embrace the happy dog.

2. Fresh Fruits: A dog’s pallet is determined based on the food it is fed right from when it was a pup. So the only way to find out if your dog loves fruits is to feed him a small piece and check his reaction. Some dogs may be even allergic to fruits, but fruits are a natural source of anti oxidants and improve your dog’s health. Permissible fruits are Apple (without the core), banana, Watermelon, strawberries, oranges etc. Just a slice a day is sufficient, overfeeding them with fruits builds up the calories in their body.

3. Yoghurt: Yoghurt is known to have probiotic bacteria (the friendly bacteria) that aids in digestion and keeping the bad bacteria away. Yoghurt is also a strong source of Calcium, Zinc and Phosphorous. It also provides Vitamin B12 which aids in enzyme action and energy production.

4. Well cooked Meat: The reason this point has to be specified is because some dog owners think it wise to feed them raw meat. For dogs, meat is an active source of proteins which helps in muscle movements, but feeding them undercooked or raw meat, increases the digestion process in their stomach and lead to various indigestion ailments. Raw meat also contains various parasites and micro organisms invisible to the naked eye, but if your dog eats it, indigestion complications arise and it may not end well. So all dog owners, please make sure the meat you feed, is very well cooked.

5. Egg whites cooked: Rich in albumin, an essential protein, egg whites shouldn’t be ingested raw by dogs. You can scramble them, fry or even poach it for breakfast. The protein in the egg white helps to keep their coat shiny and smooth. Avoid the egg yolk at all costs as it a very rich in fat content and causes flatulence in dogs.