As the dog days of summer progress, we rely on cold juices, milkshakes and popsicles to get us through the day. Every dog parent is also familiar with a pair of pleading puppy eyes that follow your every move as you polish off that bowl of ice cream. Giving in to those puppy eyes and offering a bit of your human ice-cream can be harmful to your dog, as it contains loads of sugar and lactose that cause bloating and digestive distress. Our partner company, Tail Lovers Company, has introduced a fun way to help your dog deal with this summer heat. Drop into any of the Tail Lovers Company pet stores in Bangalore to enjoy these Frosty Treats. An icy dog treat that promises uncontrollable tail waggin’ and loads of drools! 

Lickin Licious Dog Ice Cream poster

And we give you three solid reasons to indulge your pooch this summer! 

Cool on the Inside: If you, as a human, thought it just couldn’t get any hotter, imagine this day with a thick fur coat. Yep, when it’s too hot for us, it’s much worse for our dogs. While ACs and fans help them to keep cool from the outside, it is just as important to keep them cool on the inside. The relief that a cool drink of water gives you just after you’ve marched in from under the blazing sun is indescribably rewarding. It is the same when your pooch takes that long, nourishing lick of his doggie ice cream.

Dog Ice Cream Blueberry 2

Image Source: Clever Canine

A Healthy Treat: While human ice cream doesn’t quite make it to the ‘healthy’ category for your pet, these frosty treats from Lickin’ Licious are packed with loads of nutrition. Made with fresh ingredients and zero preservatives, this recipe includes probiotics that aids in digestion. Fruit ingredients contribute to a host of vitamins that help your dog with a stronger immune system and a healthier coat.

Image Source: Clever Canine

Loads of Love: Thanks to these treats, you no longer have to give your pooch the cold shoulder when you’re having a bowl of cold, refreshing ice cream. Besides the joy of sharing this experience, you’ll also probably be rewarded by a loving, cold lick. The returns on these cleverly concocted treats can be very high. Which is why, some trainers use cold treats as a temptation to perform a trick or obey a command that your dog otherwise refuses to do. The recommended servings are only 4 popsicles a week for adult dogs and 2 popsicles a week for pups, so ensure you save it only for a really good trick!

Image Source: Clever Canine

These chilled treats have been made in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties to cater to your pet’s preferences. Three different flavours infused with real fruit components not only make them tempting but also ensure they are nourishing delicacies. To stock up on these guilt-free ice cream flavours, drop by the Tail Lovers Company pet stores in Bangalore. Go ahead, treat that panting tongue with a cool lick of refreshing dog ice cream.