Dogs are unable to resist any food, but we should be very careful what they eat and what’s in it. There is some food that is very harmful to your dog’s health, but there is also the one that could actually kill him. We cannot resist their face when they are begging us for some of our food on the table, we feel sorry for them, but we will be even more sorry when that food cause them health issues. Here is a list of three foods your dog should never eat.




Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine. People’s body don’t find it difficult digesting this substance, but dogs’ bodies do. They metabolise theobromine more slowly and can get sick, vomit and finally die. Only a 100 grams of chocolate can kill a small sized dog. Some people give their dogs a cube of chocolate for energy once a day, but that’s not necessary, there are other foods that are a great source of energy. Chocolate, even in small doses can cause ear scratching and when the dog scratches his ears he opens wounds inside the ears and on the face. There are dog treats in most pet shops as an alternative to chocolate.

Garlic, Onion and Other Chilly Food

Even a small amount of these foods can easily kill your dog. They cause anemia, oxygen deprivation and damage to the red blood cells and the dog can suffer liver damage, difficulties in breathing, discoloured urine and dermatitis. If the chilly comes into contact with the eyes, nose or anus it’s really painful.


As we see in cartoons, bones are a wide spread dog food, but in reality they cause more harm than good. Dogs can brake teeth, get mouth injures, bleed from the rectum and bones can get stuck in the stomach. The digestive system goes into havoc and your dog can suffer from long term diarrhoea after he’s eaten the bones. You won’t be happy getting up all night long to let him out, but your dog will have a much bigger problem. So instead of bones from poultry, beef or other cooked meat, buy your dog a bone shaped treat that’s not going to cause any problem and is full of vitamins.


(By: Sanja Jordanoska