Keeping your dog active with loads of exercise and mental stimulation has proven effects in combating boredom. Numerous scientific research point out towards the importance of playtime for an improved quality of life for your pet. With our hectic daily schedules, taking our pets outdoors for a game of fetch or a run may not be possible. But with these 20 clever ideas, you can totally entertain your pooch indoors and spend loads of quality time for a happy and hearty dog.

  1. The “Go Find It” Game – Teach your dog some of the toy names at first. Start off by playing with one specific toy such as a ball and then prompt your dog to find the ball in between different toys. Once your dog has been able to register the name of the toy, play the “Go Find It” game. Hide the toy some place where your dog can easily locate it and ask your dog to find the toy by calling out the toy name. Reward him/her with a treat every time for a fun and interactive play time.
  2. The Power of Smell game – Your dog’s nose is capable of smelling in parts per trillion, thanks to the 300 million scent receptors in their nose (humans have only five million receptors). So, what better way to utilize that power of smell, than with a game of guess! All you need is some dog treat or any fruit. To play the power of smell game, follow these steps:
  • Hold a treat/biscuit in one hand and close your fist.
  • Now hold out both your fist in front of your dog.
  • Prompt your dog to pick the hand that has the treat.
  • If your dog sniffs or paws the correct hand, open your palm and offer him the treat.
  • If your dog doesn’t choose the correct paw, encourage them again. It may take a few tries for your dog to catch on.

This game is a simple yet effective way to stimulate your dog’s brain and nose for a fun and interactive workout!

      3. The 3 Cup Game – This is the kind of game that makes for a fun viral video. Place three cups upside down and place a treat under one cup and mix the cups. Prompt your pet to point out the cup with the treat. Reward your dog every time they get it right and be patient when they do not. It may take some time so patience is the key!

      4. The Hide and Seek Game – One of the best indoor games to play with your pooch. Give the Stay command and hide somewhere inside the house. Once you’re hidden, call your dog and praise/reward him/her every time they find you.

      5. Game of Tug – A perfect workout for you and your pooch, the game of tug offers loads of fun and teaches your dog basic impulse control. Always ensure that your dog knows the command ‘drop it’ when you play for a safe play time.

      6. Find the Treats – Your dog will love a scavenger hunt for treats around the house. So grab some of your dog’s favourite treats and hide them around the house. Start off with some easy hiding spots and once your dog is used to the game, make it more challenging.

      7. Teach your dog to fetch a newspaper – Dogs love to be useful and teaching your dog how to fetch a newspaper or your slippers can be a very productive game.

      8. Teach your dog to arrange his toys in order – Assign a container that is accessible for your dog to keep all your dog’s toys in it. Teach your dog to pick up a toy and drop it once they are standing over the container. Reward them with a treat and praise every time they succeed.

      9. Bring home a puzzle toy – There are several puzzle dog toys available to entertain your pooch for hours. Take the KONG Wobbler, for example. KONG Wobbler is a treat dispensing toy that will give your dog something to chew on and relish the treats stuffed inside.

     10. Indulge in some dog massage – Dog massages are a great way to bond with your dog and help them relax and unwind, especially for senior dog with arthritis. A nice relaxing dog massage helps to reduce stress, anxiety, promotes blood circulation and is a great workout for you too! Try out our organic dog massage oil that works wonders on your dog!

    11. A Bubble Game – If you have a young puppy at home, he/she will love a bubble game. Dogs will love to catch the bubbles and keep them happy and entertained. And if you have a toddler at home, this game doubles the fun! Use a non-toxic bubble toy that is safe for kids and pets.

    12. Make a DIY Toy – There are tons of DIY toys that you can make out of your old t-shirts, towels and denims. Use them to make a new toy for your dog that is an inexpensive way to add some variety to your dog’s toy range. 

    13. Train your dog to get his leash – Teaching your dog to get his leash for an outdoor walk can be loads of fun and is a very useful game. Reward him with treats and praise every time they follow your command.

    14. Have fun with a mutt mingle – As a dog parent, you ought to know other people with dogs. Organise an indoor play date for your pooch by inviting his doggie friends and their humans. Your dog will learn to socialize and have fun with his own species too!

   15. Use the Treadmill! – If you have a treadmill at home, use it to get rid of your dog’s excess energy and get him some much-needed exercise! It is a fun and convenient way to offer a walk without having to leave the house. Always ensure you keep it slow and make your dog get used to the treadmill, use a lot of treats and praises and never leave him unattended. 

Do you have any fun and interesting games that you play with your pooch? Comment below and share with us!