1. Too Little Exercise

Daily exercises are very important for your dog to stay in optimal health. Some dog breeds are prone to obesity which can lead to respiratory and joint problems. All dogs should receive at least 45 to 60 minutes of physical exercise per day  and 15 minutes of behavioural exercise. But the right amount of exercise depends on the dog’s breed, age, size and health status.

2. Too Little Attention

Dogs are like children, they easily get bored if you don’t play with them. And then occurs the problem of chewing furniture or shoes, whining or barking. Some owners buy toys to keep their dogs entertained. But that is not a solution because your dog wants to be with you.

3. Alone For Too Long

Spending 8 – 10 hours alone is too much for your dog. It leads to separation anxiety and behavioural changes. If you have to work 8 hours a day and leave your dog all by itself, try to find a neighbour or a friend who will be willing to pay the dog a visit. Another possible solution is to get another canine companion.

4. Setting No Rules

To have a good relationship with your dog you need to establish some rules that the dog would follow, like things it’s not allowed to touch or chew, which furniture it’s allowed to sleep on, not to pull during a walk, not to jump on people, not to pee on the carpet, etc

5. Giving Bones

Bones are extremely harmful to a dog’s health. They can cause teeth, tongue or mouth injures and can easily get stuck in the digestive tract.

6. Sitting Beside The Table While You Eat

It is heart-breaking when your dog is begging you to throw him a bite. We cannot resist sharing our meal with our dog. But you should not allow this kind of behaviour. This is one of the biggest causes of weight gain.

7. Going to The Vet Only When The Dog is Sick

It is the most common mistake dog owners make. If you want to avoid a major health issue, find the time and take your dog to the vet at least once a month for a check up.

8. Changing Your Dog’s Food

When you plan on changing your dog’s food, consult your vet. Nutrition plays a key role in your dog’s health and if your pet needs a special diet, ask your vet for help.

9. Not Reading Dog Food Labels

Dog food can have a great effect on how your dog feels which can translate into his/her behaviour. Learn to understand the ingredient list and see what suits your doggie and what doesn’t.

10. Not Enough Grooming

Washing your dog only when dirty is a mistake. Give your dog a bath more often to get rid of spores, dust, dust mites and MRSA (staph virus). We recommend bathing your dog once a week and basic grooming which includes brushing daily.

11. Not Brushing Their Teeth

This is one of the biggest problems in canine health. Brushing your dog’s teeth few times a week will prevent periodontal diseases and help regulate body temperature.

12. Lack of Supervision

Dogs are very tolerant and enjoy the company of children. But children may not know how to play with dogs and can sometimes get very annoying for the dog. Dogs should be supervised all the time when are with kids.


(By: Sanja Jordanoska:  http://www.thedogishere.com/most-common-mistakes-dog-owners-make/)