Your golden fur ball is full of mischief and fun. Their sweet, loving temperament exudes beauty and grace. And there’s never a dull moment when you have a golden by your side. Here are ten things that are SO Golden Retriever!

  1. They will Demand your attention

“Whatever it is that you’re doing, you must pet me!”

pet me

       2. They will take over your furniture

“Oh, you want to sit here? Ummm, No!” 🙂


     3. They will eat just about ANYTHING!!!

And we’re not just talking about food…shoes, newspaper, crayons…and anything else that they can get their paws on! 



     4. They’re extremely gentle and patient with puppies and bond best with kids!

“Bro, mom is sooooo going to freak out when we get home!”


    5. It seems like they are born to just cuddle.

“Why would you need a pillow when you have ME?!!!”


     6. Golden Puppies are the CUTEST! 

 “I’m a cutie and I know it!”


    7. Goldens love the outdoors!

They’re excellent hunters, love sports and are trekking, hiking and camping buddies. With their strong retriever instincts, they love to fetch! 


    8. Goldens can be trained easily.

Although they are mischievous around food, they can easily learn to restrain themselves, if trained so.

“I can totally do this….Yup!”


    9. Living with golden fur everywhere becomes your reality!

A bunch of golden fur flying around the house, a layer of that golden hair on your furniture and clothes? We like to call them magical golden fur! 

“Chillax, it can all be managed!”


    10. Whether you’re gone for 20 minutes or the entire day, you know you’re going to be welcomed with that golden smile always!

“You’re back! Now it’s playtime!”