1. We LOVE dogs and our venture is inspired by Sara- a beautiful, naughty lab! Heads Up For Tails is a home grown business and is a labour of love for our four-legged pals!

2. Every dog deserves some pampering from his family. After all, you’re all he/she has got. And which dog doesn’t like some treats, a toy for some playtime, or a cosy bed to have a good night’s sleep? 

3. Because we care and HUGELY value your business

4. We ship for free and save you money! When compared to going to the stores- we save you time, fuel costs, parking and then the effort of lugging back those bags. And ofcourse the headache of navigating through traffic.

5. We support charities and do whatever we can to help our homeless, desi doggies.

6. We manufacture and stock unique pet products that you won’t find elsewhere.

7. We have new items in each week, and a nice, big collection of products to choose from!

8. We love good design and work with awesome designers to bring you unique and fun stuff!

9. We offer customised products to match your pooch’s personality!

10. We believe in creating high quality products

11. The warm and fuzzy feeling of shopping with us! Can’t explain it- you’ll know it when you feel it !

Go on then, Check us out: www.headsupfortails.com