– By Ragini Mehra

Planning to get a four-legged baby home? Need reasons to convince yourself (or someone else at home) that adopting a dog will make your life better? Here are 10 things you can straightaway tell them!

1. Love, love, love IS the main reason. There’s no one in the world who would love you as much as your furry friend. The love of dogs is pure and selfless.

 adopt a dog-love

2. Adopt a dog has many health benefits for you. When you take your pooch out for a walk, unwittingly and unknowingly you get some exercise too! It will keep you active and will prevent those knees from getting too old too soon.

Adopt a dog- walk

3. When you fight with your spouse, he’ll be the messenger who would add that emotional touch to those not-so-warm messages you need to exchange when living in one house.

adopt a dog- messenger
4. Why you should adopt a dog is also for safety reasons. No matter what time of the day it is, he would keep all enemies (read your boss) at bay and would do his best to protect you from all dangers.


adopt a dog-protection

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5. There’s nothing as relaxing as puppy therapy. Lie down and let your dog lick your face to glory. Not to mention, it will save your spa bills too. In the words of Ben Williams, “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”

adopt a dog-puppy therapy

6. Studies have proven that if you adopt a dog, he will help you recover from any psychological illnesses or crisis that you may have gone through. Dogs are especially great for soldiers returning from war and aid in their adjustment with their family much sooner that what would happen otherwise.

adopt a dog- emotional help

7. Dogs can also help you stay away from stuff you are allergic to. Did you know they can be trained to smell and detect possible allergens? Once they detect the source, they would warn you before you get close to anything that might harm you.

adopt a dog-allergies

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8. With a dog at home, you would never feel lonely. There’ll always be someone to watch your favourite TV show with, to talk to when you feel low, to share your secrets with and to make your partner in crime.

adopt a dog-companion

9. Dogs help you become more social. There are studies to show that people who adopt a dog tend to be more social than people who do not have dogs. Don’t you think it’s easier to start conversations with your crush as you narrate your dog’s stories or ask him/her about his own?

adopt a dog- social

10. And last but definitely not the least, adopting a pet means saving a life!

adopt a pet- save a life

Ragini Mehra

Ragini Mehra

Ragini is an avid dog lover and lives in Delhi with her many dogs!