What if we told you that your daily life as a pet parent could be made better by just a few simple tricks? No, we are not talking about a magic wand here, just some useful hacks that can save both time and energy for every dog owner. 

       1. When you’re out walking your dog and want to stop for a few minutes to sit and chat with someone you met on the way, use a carabiner to secure your dog’s leash to just about anything.


       2. If your dog is a quick eater, you can add in a ball in between the food bowl to slow down your furry friend. Simple yet Smart!   




          3. Don’t fret on those peeing accidents over your carpet. Use baking soda over the urine spot, let it sink into the carpet and then sweep it or use a vacuum cleaner. 


Golden retriever puppy looking guilty from his punishment
        4. Use a shower cap while bathing your dog to keep those ears away from water and moisture. 


           5. Use dampened rubber gloves to remove dog/cat hair from your upholstery. Simply swipe the damp glove over the upholstery to remove dog hair.


         6. Smear some doggie toothpaste over a clean rope toy in case your doggie hates getting his teeth brushed.


         7. Is your doggie a lapdog? Then, you must totally try this old pair jeans hack. Your doggo will love to cuddle in this unique lap pillow when you aren’t home. This surely takes DIY to a whole new level.


          8. If feeding dog medicine is ruff, try this homemade pill pocket that makes it a breeze.


            9.                                             And        this       one      is      simply     genius!!!


           10. Got a senior dog at home? Soak the kibbles in some lukewarm chicken broth or just water to soften them for your oldie. 


(Picture Credits: Pinterest)